Annual Ghosts & Goblins Shirts

Ghosts and Goblins shirts are part of our tradition! 

For 2021, we offer a short sleeve and long sleeve option in a soft-blend fabric  -  we have upgraded from past years!  

Don't miss your opportunity to get shirts for

your whole family or team! 

Short Sleeve Shirts

  • $10 each Youth XSmall- Adult XL

  • $12 Adult 2XL

  • $13 Adult 3XL

Long Sleeve Shirts

  • $15 each Youth Small- Adult XL

  • $17 Adult 2XL

  • $18 Adult 3XL

ghost & gobbins 21 short sleeve shirt.png
Long Sleeve Shirt.PNG

Order shirts through the registration page. 


Shirts ordered after 12:00 p.m., October 8, 2021 are not guaranteed to be available due to longer than typical shipping times.  The registration form will indicate availability of stock beginning October 8, 2021.